Effecting Positive Change Through Basics

Lake Ol Bolossat Green Society (LOGS)

SAVE LAKE OL BOLOSSAT GREEN SOCIETY (LOGS) was founded in an effort to bring environmental enthusiasts from Nyandarua County and beyond to work together to Save Lake Ol Bolossat. The Save Lake Ol Bolossat Initiative slogan was used to bring people together and there was need to have a legal framework and strategy to ensure that the initiative takes off and in a sustainable way.

Through a common conservation dream the SAVE LAKE Ol BOLOSSAT GREEN SOCIETY (LOGS) coordinates the “Save Lake Ol Bolossat Initiative” whose efforts not only brings stakeholders together but provide a platform on which conservation efforts in the region can benefit.

Our aim: LOGS adopts a long-term community and institutional strategy by engaging communities and all stakeholders, partnering in activities which include capacity-building, advocacy, awareness creation and information exchange, with a focus to promoting positive action to save the Lake Ol Bolossat.

Our mission: Restoring of Lake Ol Bolossat through Community Participation.

Our vision: Empower communities to manage their natural resources for posterity.