Effecting Positive Change Through Basics

Women and Chemicals Management Network in Kenya (WCM)

WCM is a NETWORK of Women Groups, CBOs, NGOs and Small Business Enterprises concerned about the health and protection of women, children and future generations as a result of exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances and wastes. Its mission is to promote and advocate for adequate protection, especially against substances that pose risks to brain development, disrupt hormonal functions and harm reproductive health, recognising that women are the primary victims.

WCM is a first in Kenya  and  we provide a strong united women’s voice for change and protection against hazardous chemicals through our activities, advocacy, research, networking, and partnerships development as well as awareness creation on the issues of Toxic Chemicals and Health of women in Kenya.



Exposure to hazardous substances and wastes undermines the women, children, and other vulnerable groups at risk of human rights abuses.

It is difficult to get data to determine the true impacts of chemical exposures on women even though they account for almost half the population and they are most vulnerable to chemicals exposure.

Throughout their lives, women are exposed to numerous hazardous chemicals that can harm them and our future generations by transfer across the placenta during foetal development and through breast milk to the nursing infant etc.



  • Capacity building and training
  • Advocacy and Awareness creation
  • Information sharing
  • Partnerships and networking
  • Policies and Lobbying etc